The global market of Biomass Energy for Transportation Fuel and Power Generation is amounting to each \10 trillion respectively (i.e. \20 trillion in total) and it has become a major presence among Renewable Energy but the market of Biomass Energy in Japan is still very small.
The background of introduction of Biomass Energy is based upon three driving force; "Energy Policy (Energy Portfolio)", "Agricultural Policy (6th. Industrialization)", and "Environmental Policy (CO2 Reduction)". that create the global strategic industry in accordance with the West European policy. The introduction of Biomass Energy is being implemented from political point of view for industry promotion and employment creation. Due to limited domestic Biomass resources in Japan, the market of Biomass Energy does not become industrial scale but in the future, it will be promoted under the conditions that Japanese will cooperate with Asian countries (with abundant biomass resources) and create the Biomass Energy Industry in Japan and Asian countries ,in order to realize the plan so-called ‘’Asia Biomass Community’’
Mr. Issei Sawa, President of NEED has been engaged in the Biomass Energy Project for since 2000 in Mitsubishi Corporation to create sustainable supply chain of Biomass Energy Industry in Japan and Overseas (Especially in Asia). By utilizing the knowledge and broad network developed through his experience, Mr. Sawa is ready to support your Biomass Energy Project. If you have a plan to develop the business in the field of Biomass Energy, Mr. Sawa is happy to be a consultant for your Company.



Issei Sawa

NEED Nippon Environmental Energy Development Co.,Ltd.

Mr Issei Sawa was graduated from Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Waseda University and joined Mitsubishi Corporation (Construction Equipment Dept.) in 1980.
He was in Iran (1987-91) and in Myanmar (1996-98), as Rep. of Mitsubishi Corp.
He has been engaged in Biomass Energy since 2000 and trying to create sustainable supply chain of Biomass Energy Industry in Japan and Overseas (Especially in Asia).
He became President of NEED in July, 2016 and is acting as Consult for 3 Companies.
He lectured at the Seminar held by Japanese Government (such as METI , MAFF, MEXT, NEDO, JBIC etc.) , Universities, Research Institutes, NPO, Private Sectors, and at the Symposium held by Government of Indonesia and Thailand.
He is Committee Member for the Evaluation of AIST (METI) ’s New Vehicle Fuel Unit and Biomass Refinery Center (2007~), METI’s “Sustainability Rules & Regulations for Biomass Energy”, NEDO’s “Biomass Energy Guidebook 2010”, Seven Ministries’
”Study team for Strategy of Biomass Business Creation” (2012.2-6). METI’”2nd. Generation Bio Fuel” (2013.2-7) , Act as Head of NPO Biomass Working Group (WG)
since May,2016. Involved in establishment of Biomass Power Association (BPA) in Nov.,2016 and became Deputy Chairman of BPA.
Higashi-Kuninomiya International Culture Award.
The report “Current status and future direction of Global warming and Coal fired power generation in 2020 (Expansion of renewable energy by way of coffering biomass at coal fired power station)” was issued

Company Information

Nippon Environmental Energy Development Co.,Ltd.
President Issei Sawa
Establishment March 4, 2015(Mr. Issei Sawa became President since July 1,2016)
Capital ¥5,000,000.-
Address 1-6-9−910, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083, Japan
Tel +81-90-8963-7331
Activity Planning, Development, Promotion of Biomass Energy Projects and its Consulting Works
Main Bank Resona Bank Shibuya Branch